Reflecting asphalt and urban lifestyles, a carbonaceous fashion, playing on a whole palette of greys and blacks, is a must even in summer. At Adieu, the summer sneaker signed in collaboration with the brand Etudes Studio is stained with ink and black paint, and smooth and black leathers are legion. Flow dyes the soles of his moccasins with marbled grey, Mephisto adds a graphic touch to his sandals, a world in black and white that we find with Solovière, where a comic-strip style universe is drawn. A symbol of the trend, the black total-look sandal is a sure bet for summer at French Théo.

Aftershokz, pionnier des casques à conduction osseuse. Une autre manière d'écouter sa musique et un modèle qui accompagne tous les sportifs dans leur différente pratique : running, vélo, natation ainsi que dans leur vie quotidienne. Effectivement, ce casque permet de ne pas se couper du monde, l'utilisateur reste alerte quant à son environnement extérieur. Aftershokz, pioneer of bone conduction helmets. Another way to listen to your music and a model that accompanies all athletes in their different practices: running, cycling, swimming as well as in their daily lives. Indeed, this headset does not cut itself off from the world, the user remains alert about his external environment. Aftershokz XtrainerZ, 159,95€ / Aftershokz Aeropex, 169,95€

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