[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image= »5315″ img_size= »full » title= »TALI HAND MADE – FASHION « ][vc_single_image image= »5314″ img_size= »full » title= »TALI HAND MADE – FASHION & ECO-LUXE »][vc_column_text dp_text_size= »size-3″]Discover the TALI bags: THE ETHICAL AND RESPONSIBLE BAGS created in 2016 by Liza Morales Crespo and Mariele de Leon-Lazaro, TALI is an ethical house! With exquisite colors and sumptuous details, our bags are designed for the modern woman who blends stunning achievement with a sense of play. Bright geometric designs and the finest hardware reflect the sophistication of the TALI woman. 

THE TALI STORY : A celebration of diversity and creativity

TALI´s co-founders, Liza Morales Crespo and Marielle de Leon-Lazaro, represent the new wave of social entrepreneurs that merge quality production and design with the principles of sustainability. Liza Crespo is the Design Director of Liza Crespo Ecotecture, a leading design agency in sustainable architectural design with offices in Manila and New York. Marielle de Leon-Lazaro works in manufacturing and importing corporate products in the Philippines, and has many years of experience in designing and producing clothes and accessories for the retail market. Both working mothers, Liza and Marielle were inspired to kickstart TALI when they first visited the female inmates of a city jail in the Philippines. Wanting to make a difference in these women´s lives, they began teaching them simple design patterns and eventually employed them to bring their original bag designs to life. Eventually, the project turned into a true social enterprise focused on empowering women at the grassroots level.

Découvrez les sacs TALI : LES SACS ETHIQUES ET RESPONSABLES créée en 2016 par Liza Morales Crespo et Mariele de Leon-Lazaro, TALI est une maison éthique ! Avec des couleurs exquises et des détails somptueux, nos sacs sont conçus pour la femme moderne qui allie une performance étonnante avec un sens du jeu. Des motifs géométriques brillants et la quincaillerie la plus fine reflètent la sophistication de la femme TALI.


STOCKISTS : For all inquiries for Europe, please contact Zazie Mordret.


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