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Join RJ on a journey into the webbed world of Spider-Man with the new ARRAW Spider-Man Limited Edition Timepieces :

Credit- Neftali

Joining once again in partnership with Disney and MARVEL, Swiss watchmaker RJ celebrates an iconic MARVEL superhero with the new ARRAW Spider-Man limited-edition timepiece collection. The series of limited-edition timepieces invites comic lov ers, pop culture enthusiasts, and watch lovers to enter an exclusive webbed world of high horology. The series includes three distinct models: a 10-piece limited edition ARRAW Spider-Man Stealth Tourbillon in black carbon, a 10-piece limited edition ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon in red fiberglass and black carbon composite, and a 100-piece limited series of skeletonized timepieces: the ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon. Each design is a testament to RJ’s quest to partner with like-minded innovators and to challenge traditionally held definitions of high-end watchmaking. With this series, RJ has defied the status quo while offering innovative manufacture movements that reflect the essence and style of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Each of the two new limited edition Spider-Man Tourbillon models is limited to just 10 pieces each worldwide. Pictured: ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon in red fiberglass and black carbon composite ($97,000 USD), also available in Stealth black carbon ($92,000 USD) | Credit – RJ

U.S. shoppers can now discover these new high-end ARRAW Spider-Man timepieces in the U.S. at Westime Beverly Hills and Watches of Switzerland Soho in New York City. Horology goes stealth: Spider-Man Tourbillon Limited Editions.

En partenariat avec Disney et MARVEL, l’horloger suisse RJ célèbre une fois de plus un super-héros emblématique de MARVEL avec la nouvelle collection de montres en édition limitée ARRAW Spider-Man. Cette série de montres en édition limitée invite les amateurs de bandes dessinées, les passionnés de culture pop et les amateurs d’horlogerie à entrer dans un monde exclusif de haute horlogerie. La série comprend trois modèles distincts : un ARRAW Spider-Man Stealth Tourbillon en édition limitée de 10 pièces en carbone noir, un ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon en édition limitée de 10 pièces en fibre de verre rouge et en composite de carbone noir, et une série limitée de 100 pièces de montres squelettées : l’ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon. Chaque modèle est un témoignage de la quête de RJ pour s’associer à des innovateurs partageant les mêmes idées et pour défier les définitions traditionnelles de l’horlogerie haut de gamme. Avec cette série, RJ a défié le statu quo tout en offrant des mouvements de fabrication innovants qui reflètent l’essence et le style du chenille murale et du Spider-Man du quartier sympathique que tout le monde aime. Les acheteurs américains peuvent désormais découvrir ces nouvelles montres haut de gamme ARRAW Spider-Man aux États-Unis, chez Westime Beverly Hills et Watches of Switzerland Soho à New York.

Limited-edition ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon skeletonized watches are limited to 100 pieces worldwide ($20,000 retail) | Credit- Neftali.
About RJRJ designs and produces recognizable, ambitious, and culturally relevant luxury Swiss watches. RJ ARRAW, the brand’s core collection for men and women, is distinguishable by its RJ BUMPERS™ and ingenious interchangeable strap system. RJ has made its own mark on modern watchmaking with its Collaboration watch series, which draws inspiration from icons of pop culture, from superheroes of DC Comics or Marvel like Batman and Spider-Man, to beloved video game characters like Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders™, or Pac-Man™. RJ has brought history-making material to the wrist with its DNA Concept watches, using steel from the Titanic, genuine moon dust, or remnants from the Apollo 11 spacecraft which first landed man on the moon. The brand was founded in 2004 and re-launched in 2018 under the creative direction of CEO Marco Tedeschi. Ever since, RJ proudly manufactures its own in-house movements at the brand’s headquarters, RJ Studio, based out of Geneva, Switzerland.
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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit marvel.com. © 2019 MARVEL ©2019 CPII 

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